We now have an Occupational Therapist!

20 September 2017

SAL Consulting is pleased to announce that our Occupational Therapy services are NDIS Registered, and available now!

Our OT Gavin has a wealth of experience, as well using a neurobiological, attachment and trauma-informed lens with his work. Gavin works closely with our other practitioners, and can provide trans-disciplinary assessment when required!

The sorts of services Gavin can provide include:

  • Sensory Processing Assessments and Sensory ‘Diets’ / Recommendations
  • Food Preparation Assessment
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • General Independent Living Skills Assessment
  • General Occupational Health and Well Being Assessment (Holistic Lifestyle Assessment)
  • Transfer and Mobility Assessment
  • Group based interventions (Skills development groups focussed on such things as social skills, fine motor, gross motor, task sequencing, transferable skills, meal prep skills, art groups, healthy eating groups etc)
  • Functional skills assessment

Be sure to contact our Health Services team for more information – [email protected] or 1300 851 795

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