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Cultural Change

In a landscape where change can feel like the only constant, how can the leaders of organisations achieve the cultural shift required of their services and workforce to succeed in today’s climate? SAL Consulting’s Culture Change supports will help organisations to bring their staff on the journey of turning a vision into a reality.

Drawing on the latest research into attachment, trauma and neurodevelopment (including the social brain), and change management, SAL Consulting will help you to provide your workplace with the direction and security needed to overcome resistance and fatigue to change, by making it a safe and empowering experience for your people.

Whatever the driver for change at your organisation, SAL Consulting will work with your individual context and needs to help you tell your story of change in a way that involves your people, responds to their needs, and helps them move from what was to what will be.

SAL Consulting’s culture change supports tap into the relationships and motivators that drive culture in your workplace, helping you to define your change and align your workforce towards a new direction.

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