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Ecological Assessments

SAL Consulting’s ecological assessments help organisations establish workplaces and care settings that genuinely see, hear, value and respond to the people that inhabit them. By reflecting deeply on how space is used and presented, an ecological approach moves organisations beyond an outlook that seeks only to eliminate or manage risk and into a perspective where space is consciously used to create safety and engagement.

SAL Consulting’s ecological assessments consider space from neurological, attachment and trauma informed lenses – reflecting on how specific settings meet, or fail to meet, the needs of the individuals with whom they interact. The assessments identify opportunities for organisations to develop their spaces and systems in ways that embody their values and which create safety and engagement.

Through onsite observations, and other information gathering processes tailored to the needs and circumstances of the organisation and it’s clients, SAL Consulting will provide comment and suggestions on how organisations can develop their ecologies in ways that provide the optimum conditions for healing, repair, connection, growth and learning.

Taking into account the particular needs of specific clients and organisations, a SAL Consulting ecological assessment will help your organisation create spaces and systems that are responsive, person-centred and meaningful.

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