About Us

SAL Consulting

about-us-imageSAL Consulting is a human services consultancy that is focused on providing customised support to people and agencies within the health and community services sector, including organisations focusing on:

Creating strong, collaborative relationships with individuals and organisations through communication and working together plays an integral part in SAL Consulting practice and ethos.

With an informed, practical approach to service delivery, SAL Consulting seeks to assist individuals and agencies to move forward through collaboration and enablement.

We are leaders in the field of neurodevelopment, attachment and a trauma-informed (NATI ©) practice. We recognise that relationship is fundamental to every aspect of our work. Through our national and international partnerships, we have access to current research that informs the work we do. We provide a range of customised services to people and organisations.

Our vision

“To assist people to work with vulnerability and complexity by walking with the individuals, organisations and colleagues with whom we work”

SAL Consulting aims to create and promote opportunities and services that young people and people with disabilities and / or mental health support needs, to participate in the wider community and to have a better quality of life. 

SAL Consulting seeks to demonstrate best possible practice in relation to service planning, clinical/psychological service delivery and behaviour intervention to address and perhaps overcome common barriers to community lifestyle and integration for young people and people with disabilities and / or mental health support needs.

SAL Consulting provides a range of services, including:

SAL Consulting uses a trans-disciplinary approach, with team members from a variety of backgrounds and qualifications, all of whom have practical, service delivery experience within the health and human services sector.