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Behaviour Support

SAL Consulting uses an authentic person-centred approach and we understand and apply the principles of positive behaviour support. Our work is grounded in an understanding of neurodevelopment and the impact of trauma and other developmental challenges. Behaviour support can include an assessment, support/ strategies design, implementation support and ongoing review / evaluation.

Behaviour Assessments consist of a comprehensive assessment of a person’s behaviour, lifestyle and their support system. A detailed report is provided describing the person’s history, current circumstances and presentation, behavioural formulation, and recommended directions for support.

Lifestyle Behaviour Intervention Support Plans prepared by SAL Consulting are an individualised personal way of documenting the support needs of an individual in order for them to feel safe and secure, develop skills, receive appropriate and consistent support when challenges arise and assist the person to reach their greatest potential.

These plans are developed following meeting the client, interview with relevant stakeholders, observation of / interaction with the person and review of file information.  A Lifestyle Behaviour Intervention Support Plan is inclusive of:

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