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Governance Training

SAL Consulting’s Governance Training will help board members old and new develop and refine the skills required to set direction and achieve purpose in their organisations. Unpacking the roles and responsibilities of board members, this training will build the capacity of participants to ensure they provide their organisation with the effective leadership and oversight that services need from their governing body.

The training program will identify effective and efficient governance practices that help boards develop and support staff at all levels whilst growing the organisation’s impact and capability sustainably.

With consideration of the legal and financial obligations of boards, SAL Consulting’s training will provide those who attend with approaches that will assist them to plan strategically and follow through on those plans. The training will unpack the skills, knowledge and values that are present in effective governance structures, exploring how boards can effectively recruit and plan for succession.

Incorporating the latest research into attachment and neurodevelopment, SAL Consulting’s governance training will enable those who attend to build and maintain the effective working relationships required to influence change and achieve outcomes in their own organisation and the wider sector.

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