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Leadership Development

SAL Consulting’s leadership development is immersed in the latest evidence and research.

We focus on enriching the practice of leadership across the health, education and human services sectors and more recently within corporate organisations for whom relationship management and the wellbeing of their employees is a priority.

A resilient workforce is essential in today’s uncertain work environment and leaders require a range of skills that draw on their knowledge, attitudes and understanding of influence and care.

SAL Consulting has considerable experience supporting leadership participants to position themselves realistically within their current environment and works within a framework of safety and engagement to holistically examine individual needs and scaffold learning.

We provide a range of ongoing leadership practice supports to meet the specific needs of the individual and/or organisation. Our customised leadership training can be tailored to the developmental needs of your workforce. Training packages and ongoing practice support can be provided on site or at our training premises.

SAL Consulting has a number of regular leadership courses on our training calendar that provide ongoing access to quality leadership practice and networking.

*If you require a more intensive organisational or individualised approach we can co-design a program for you in your work place.

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