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Executive/Senior Management Coaching

SAL Consulting’s Executive/Senior Management Coaching provides senior staff of organisations the opportunity to develop and sharpen their leadership skills. Executives and senior managers will benefit from taking the time to reflect deeply on their practice in a supportive and engaging environment.

SAL Consulting’s coaching will provide leaders with practical ways of determining where they can best focus their energy and attention within their organisations, techniques to approach challenging situations with creativity and innovation, and approaches to shift from reactive to responsive leadership. The coaching will draw on insights gleaned from the latest research into neuroscience and attachment.

By developing the skills to effectively support and develop others leaders will improve their capacity to prioritise, motivate and proactively plan the futures of their workplace – essential skills for those who aim to achieve meaningful outcomes across all levels of organisations.

Whether you have recently entered a senior position at your organisation, or already have significant leadership experience, SAL Consulting’s coaching offers you the chance to unpack your work with someone who has extensive expertise in leading and developing organisations.

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