We now have an Occupational Therapist!

20 September 2017 by Leigh Macklan

SAL Consulting is pleased to announce that our Occupational Therapy services are NDIS Registered, and available now! Our OT Gavin has a wealth of experience, as well using a neurobiological, attachment and trauma-informed lens with his work. Gavin works closely with our other practitioners, and can provide trans-disciplinary assessment when required! The sorts of services […]

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Marriage Equality – Company Position Statement

11 September 2017 by Leigh Macklan

At SAL Consulting, we believe that Marriage Equality is simply about equal legal, social and human rights. We want to live in a country where all Australians are treated equally – whether that’s about culture, race, religion, gender, disability, or sexuality. We believe that celebrating and embracing diversity builds strength in individuals, families, communities and […]

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Creating Inclusive Classrooms Commencing February 2018

6 September 2017 by Leigh Macklan

Brain-Based Inclusive Practice For Schools An 8 week online professional development program for educators and practitioners that provides a greater understanding of vulnerable children and young people, and practical, evidence based solutions to create inclusive classrooms. Overview What makes our online professional development program different to others? Our online Professional Development Program incorporates Neurodevelopment, Attachment, […]

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Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

12 February 2017 by Liz Summers

In the Society for Human Resource Management Blog, Andrea Choate explores the links between neuroscience, unconscious bias and the workplace. Choate identifies the neurological processes that underlie the reason which makes unconscious bias a universal trait of the human condition. Processes in various areas of the brain – including the amygdala, hippocampus and frontal-cortex – […]

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The Case for Trauma-Informed Philanthropy

12 February 2017 by Liz Summers

In her Huffington Post article, Abby Alexanian argues the case for philanthropists to take a trauma-informed approach to giving. In doing so she highlights the ways institutions such as courts, schools and homelessness services could better support their constituents through a trauma-informed approach to the work that they perform. Alexanian highlights the success of the […]

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Needless deaths of people with intellectual disability:

10 February 2017 by Liz Summers

The Acting NSW Ombudsman, Professor John McMillan, and Deputy Ombudsman & Community and Disability Services Commissioner, Steve Kinmond, discuss the implications highlighted by a recent UNSW study revealing that adults with intellectual disability are more than twice as likely to die from potentially avoidable causes as the general population in an article published by the […]

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