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Attachment Style Interview

The Attachment Style Interview (ASI) for adults and the adolescent version of the ASI (ASI-AD) have recently been introduced to Australia through a partnership between SAL Consulting and Middlesex University.

What is the ASI and the ASI-AD? 

The ASI and ASI-AD are evidence-based tools that inform decision-making in OOHC and child protection. Read more on our ASI fact sheet and our ASI-AD fact sheet.

Why is it important? 

Children and young people who have experienced trauma and abuse require more than a loving home if they are to thrive and reach their full potential. Parents and carers need to have the capacity to maintain relationships and to provide a secure base even when triggered by specific responses and behaviours.

Widely applied in the UK and other European countries, the ASI is used to provide an objective assessment of the attachment style of current and prospective carers and adopters. The ASI can also be used with birth parents who are seeking the restoration of their children from care.

Once a caregiver’s attachment style has been assessed the family can be supported through tailored strategies that promote the development of healthy relationships.

Our consultants are available to administer the ASI and will be introducing the ASI-AD from October 2018.

How do I book an assessment for a client?

Contact Liz Sanders to book an assessment: 0429 364 817 – [email protected]

How much does an assessment cost?

Single assessment $1,250 (ex GST) | Couple assessment $2,400 (ex GST)*
*Each person in the couple will be interviewed individually.

From February 2019, SAL Consulting will be training practitioners to administer the ASI. For more information on training dates and locations, please send an email to [email protected].

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