It Takes Two To Talk®️

28 May 2024

SAL Consulting, NT are very excited to be offering the Hanen It Takes Two To Talk Program in 2024. Led by two Hanen Certified Speech Pathologists at SAL Consulting who have received specialised training from the Hanen Centre.

The It Takes Two To Talk 13 week program offers:

  • A consultation for you and your child with a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist before the program begins.
  • A series of informative and personal classes for small groups of parents.
  • Three individual consultations with your Certified Practising Speech Pathologist during which:
    • you discuss communication goals and specific strategies for your child.
    • you are supported to reflect on the use of the strategies with your child through modelling and video instruction that assists you to see what is helping and what else you can do to help your child.

Interested? Join us for a free information session on Monday June 3 at 5.30pm at the SAL Consulting, NT Office: Level 1, Winnellie Point, 60 Winnellie Road, Winnellie NT.

To register your interest or speak to a SAL Consulting, NT speech pathologist about your eligibility and further information about the program: call us on 1300 851 795 or email [email protected] or download our flyer.

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