Creating Inclusive Classrooms Commencing February 2018

6 September 2017

Brain-Based Inclusive Practice For Schools

An 8 week online professional development program for educators and practitioners that provides a greater understanding of vulnerable children and young people, and practical, evidence based solutions to create inclusive classrooms.


What makes our online professional development program different to others?

Our online Professional Development Program incorporates Neurodevelopment, Attachment, and Trauma Informed (NATI) principles, and therefore offers a unique approach to education, development and learning. These principles are incorporated across all aspects of the Professional Development Program, to enhance the program’s core content, and enable educators to work effectively with students who may have learning difficulties due to traumaimpacted, or there are developmental gap leading to vulnerability.

The Creating Inclusive Classrooms Program is very practical, it uses an authentic, genuine approach to creating an inclusive learning environment for all participants. Content is evidence based, and data informed, with a range of readings and materials available to supplement discussions and learning processes. Participants are encouraged to keep their students ‘in focus’ leading to a collaborative approach.

At the completion of the program, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of what creates vulnerability, a toolbox full of practical, evidence-based strategies and frameworks to take back to their school ecology, and into the classroom. The program runs for eight (8) weeks, we encourage the connection with other educators and practitioners to continue through participation in our online professional learning community, and access to renewed resources and materials over time. Trainers who are Educators & Clinicians Creating Inclusive Classrooms is a unique Professional Development Program that has been developed through a partnership and collaboration between EDUCAA and SAL Consulting.

EDUCAA is a boutique educational consultancy, focused on improve learning in schools around the globe. By working with teachers, and educational leaders, the experienced EDUCAA consultants are able to help transform the capacity of schools, through sharing and modelling empowering processes that focus on students and the core purpose of schools – improving thinking and learning.

SAL Consulting is a health and human services consultancy that works with vulnerability and complexity. Providing customised support for individuals, groups and organisations that enables children, young people, families and communities.

Our clients utilise the OOHC, disability, health, youth and education sectors. We strive to create strong, collaborative relationships with individuals and organisations which is integral in SAL Consulting’s practice and ethos. SAL Consulting has a transdisciplinary team consisting of clinical consultants, allied health and health professionals, and organisational development specialists.

Through the Creating Inclusive Classrooms program, participants will have contact with facilitators from both EDUCAA, and SAL Consulting.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to the program, and participants will have access to reading materials prior to the program commencing. The program is targeting teachers, educators, and anyone involved in creating learning environments for children and young people.


The course will run over 8-weeks, with 10-weeks access to the online classroom, and ongoing access to the professional learning community. Webinars will be held at convenient times, outside of face-to-face school hours.

Subject Areas

  • Foundation Learning: Developmental Neurology
  • Foundation Learning: Attachment
  • Creating Safety in the Classroom (The Secure Base)
  • Attachment Informed Relational Safety
  • Strategies for Regulation – Individuals and Classrooms
  • Trauma-Informed Positive Behaviour Support for
  • Classrooms
  • Enhancing Learning
  • Impact and Cultural Change with Schools

Delivery Mode

The subject areas are delivered online over an 8-week period, including 5 webinars, access to online resources, and connection with an online professional learning community.

Expression of Interest and Enrolment

To find out more about this qualification, and send an expression of interest, please contact Justine Lee, Training Portfolio Manager, via the details below.

Download flyer – Creating Inclusive Classrooms.

More information coming soon!  If you want to be the first to know be sure to register your interest and we will include you on our mailing list.

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